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Avery Sloane first picked up a guitar at the age of seven, and had written her first song by the end of the next year.
Her debut E.P., "Future Pilot" (2021) was recorded almost solely in her bedroom. Featuring melancholy lyrics paired with energetic beats and distorted guitar, it creates a listening environment that leaves you wondering what’s coming next.
“June!”, her 2022 single, is the first song recorded in a studio space after meeting her full band: Jason Keen, Knight O’Conner, and Oliver Astren. A turning point in her sound, this song pulls inspiration from garage rock, creating an energetic (and more danceable) feel.
Avery Sloane won the Best in Vancouver contest in 2023, and used the studio prize to record her most recent single, “Gilbert”. Guitar riffs blend with a dreamy ambiance to create a rolling ballad that will stick in your head for a while. 
Since then, Avery Sloane has been featured on tracks from Infidelity and Olliepop. Her second feature E.P. Is set to release by the end of 2023.


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